Welcome to the official website of Burlington Composite Squadron, home of the "Double Deuces", of North Carolina Wing, Civil Air Patrol. We proudly serve our nation, The Great State of North Carolina, and within our local communities by performing our three congressionally chartered missions of Aerospace Education, Cadet Programs, and Emergency Services.

Our Aerospace Education mission takes us to the forefront of the education system in America, bringing to teachers and students from K-5 all the way to college level, information about the aerospace sciences and aerospace careers, and how they may benefit their local community. Additionally, we provide aerospace education to our own members through various programs.

Our Cadet Program provides an environment of leadership, comradery, fun, excitement, and I could go on. Youth ages 12-20 may sign up to participate in this program that affords them an opportunity to be part of an organization that provides a military structure, allows a living leadership laboratory, educates them in the aerospace sciences and career fields, both military and civilian, promotes physical fitness, develops character, and involves them in real-world search and rescue missions and training under the watchful eyes of FBI vetted senior members. That last part alone sets our cadet program apart from any other youth organization you may find.

Our Emergency Services mission is our most visible to the public, often providing photographs of incidents before any other agency can, due to our affiliation with the US Air Force as its only official auxiliary, as was the case immediately following the 9/11 attacks and most recently Hurricane Matthew. This mission includes opportunities for homeland security support, counterdrug surveillance, search and rescue, disaster relief, aerial photography, and so much more. Our ground team training is what usually interests cadets in this congressional mission the most, as this is the area in which they can participate in real world search and rescue and disaster relief missions, while also learning important life and leadership lessons.

For more information about joining Civil Air Patrol, see our Join Us page. For general information about the squadron, see the About Us page. Thanks for visiting!