Welcome to Burlington, NC! This is the home of the Double Deuces, the Burlington Composite Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol. We proudly serve the nation, the state of North Carolina, and local communities in the areas of Search and Rescue, Aerospace Education, and Cadet Programs.

Our senior member roster is growing strong. Training in Emergency Services, Communications, and other specialties gives our members choice and opportunity.

Our cadet program is on the move. Our cadets range in age from 12 to 20. Our squadron has seen cadets move on to the military and to rewarding civilian careers.

For more information about joining the Civil Air Patrol, see our Join Us page for more information. For general information about the squadron, see the About Us page. For more information about the Civil Air Patrol or the North Carolina Wing, see our Links page. Thanks for visiting!

Latest News

New Website Coming Soon

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 In effort to reflect the growing numbers of squadron members and professionalism, we are redoing the website!


Look for it soon!

November 2010 Newsletter: The Beacon Vol.1 Issue 1

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View the November 2010 issue HERE.

The Beacon is published under the authority of the Pubic Affairs Staff of the Burlington Composite Squadron by the Editor, 2nd Lt. Leigh Ann Whittle.

Flight Shields

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On Nov. 17 2009 The Burlington Composite Squadron cadets presented their flights name to the squadron with a shield and a jody.

We also had a farewell party for SM Hicks as she goes to boot camp in Texas.


(Photos by C/2Lt. Bartel and Captain Bailey)

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