Welcome to Burlington, NC! This is the home of the Double Deuces, the Burlington Composite Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol. We proudly serve the nation, the state of North Carolina, and local communities in the areas of Search and Rescue, Aerospace Education, and Cadet Programs.

Our senior member roster is growing strong. Training in Emergency Services, Communications, and other specialties gives our members choice and opportunity.

Our cadet program is on the move. Our cadets range in age from 12 to 20. Our squadron has seen cadets move on to the military and to rewarding civilian careers.

For more information about joining the Civil Air Patrol, see our Join Us page for more information. For general information about the squadron, see the About Us page. For more information about the Civil Air Patrol or the North Carolina Wing, see our Links page. Thanks for visiting!

Latest News

NCWG Ranger Training Weekend 2014

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Burlington Cadets recently participated in the 2014 NCWG Ranger Training Weekend at Hanging Rock State Park, North Carolina, from October 31st through November 2nd. Cadets began training Friday night after check in at mission base. Cadets learned Search Techniques, Ranger Survival, Land Navigation on the weekend. Basic, Advanced, and Independent Study courses were offered to students. A special thanks to our Students for coming out and making this weekend possible! 



Burlington Cadet Receives Spaatz Award

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Cadet Colonel Bailey with General Williams

Over the month of August, Burlington Composite Squadron had a handful of promotions, including the Spaatz Award being awarded to Cadet Colonel Rachael Bailey. Her award was presented by Brigadier General Williams, a long time friend of their family. Cadet Bailey joined CAP in March 2010, and since then has has served in many staff positions on Encampment Staff, has been heavily involved in Emergency Services, receiving her Emergency Medical Technician Basic, and is currently serving as the Cadet Commander of Burlington Composite Squadron. Rachael first heard about CAP through her local Home-school band, where a large majority of the group were CAP members. She later came to a weekly meeting at our Squadron and observed how Civil Air Patrol Cadets were better organized, motivated, and disciplined than the typical teen. Cadet Colonel Bailey with General Williams She joined the squadron with the goals of one day wanting to achieve a higher level of professionalism, to be organized, and get into shape. Cadet Bailey said quote: "My original goals in CAP to one day be Cadet Commander, and receive the Carl A. Spaatz Award. Some of my short term goals included getting to Ground Team Member Level 3, Cadet Staff Sergeant, and Logistics Officer within 1 year. I achieved those goals, and was proud of what I had done. Some of the challenges along the way included that I didn't know how to talk to people, breaking out of fear and out of my shell, and the fact that I was overweight. CAP gave me the motivation. My plans for the rest of my life include above all helping people, and to go to Physician Assistant School. I started out just as everyone else. CAP helped me get to where I am today, and one final note:as a cadet, study your material as you go. Not all at once." We are highly proud of the fact that we have Cadet Colonel Rachael Bailey as a member of Burlington Composite Squadron, and we wish her nothing but success in her future!

More Cadet Promotions in September

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Burlington Composite Squadron had several new promotions this past month including C/A1C Krupel receiving the General Hap Arnold Achievement, C/SrA Sanford receiving his Mary Feik Achievement, C/SrA Flood Receiving his Maj. General John F. Curry Achievement, and C/2d Lt. Regittko receiving her Billy Mitchell Award. Congrats to those who received promotions this month! Keep up the Good Work! ~ Burlington Composite Squadron Cadet PAO/IT Staff



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